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Project title: Development and application of method for quantity and quality assessment of ground water resources in karst
Keywords: karst, water resources, hydrogeological model, Postojna, Pivka
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L1-7555 (B)
1. 3. 2016 - 28. 2. 2019
Foto: Matej BlatnikKarst aquifers are abundant, but vulnerable water resources. The communities supplied by the fresh water from karst aquifers are therefore under a constant threat of shortage of water quantity and quality, particularly if they rely on a single source. Such is the case of Postojna and Pivka municipalities in Slovenia, where several shortages occurred during last few years. This project aims at setting new standards in search, protection and use of reliable water resources in karst areas. Initially all potential aquifer systems in the area will be characterised. The characterisation will be based on geological, speleological, hydrogeological, geochemical, microbiological field work. Acquired data and results will be merged with the existing ones into a comprehensive database, that will be linked to a 3D hydrogeological model which will be a clear and interpretative visualisation of all elements relevant for groundwater flow and transport in a selected area. These include position and geometry of geological formations and structures, known and expected speleological objects, position and dynamics of the water table, transport properties inferred from tracing studies and chemical analysis, potential contaminant sources etc. Hydrodynamics on a local scale will also be studied with the digital models of groundwater flow. The broader study will be narrowed and intensified to the two most promising water sources. There, additional field work will include detailed mapping and observation as well as realisation of exploration well, where pumping tests and well logs will be made. Finally, delineation of source protection zones and design of vulnerability maps will provide base for eventual protection. The broader outreach of the project is a general strategy, which aims to set standard methods and techniques to identify, characterise, protect and use potential karst water resources.